Happy Easter Mixers hope you all had/have a lovely day and get lots of chocolate

hope you are all well :) xoxo

Wings to 100 Million!

Lets get Little Mix vevo certified

Here’s some tips:

  1. You must watch the video for atleast 30 seconds for it to count as a view
  2. The view counts when you watch the video on youtube or you watch an embedded video that requires you to hit play (an autoplay embedded video will not count!!)
  3. No matter how many times you use the replay button, it will count as one view. You have to reload the entire page
  4. Log out of your account otherwise it counts as one view even when reloading the page
  5. You can mute the video and keep reloading throughout the day, every view counts!

So go watch the video now and help Little Mix out! Watch other music videos too:

Wings | DNA | Change Your Life | How Ya Doin’? | Move | Little Me | Word Up

Anonymous whispered: Hey fellow Mixer! I was wondering if you could please help me out by doing a quick promo? I follow a blog dedicated to helping LM crack the US, called request-littlemix. They make occasional posts helping followers request 'Move' on US radio stations, which increases LM's popularity, but they don't have many followers. More followers = more requests = bigger results! It would be wonderful if your followers could follow them and help out, because LM deserve world fame! Thanks, much love <3 xx

^ ^ ^ GO FOLLOW ^ ^ ^

Anonymous whispered: So when are we doing this video for the Salute tour?

I’m gonna post another thing with more info when I get on my laptop in about an hour :) xx

Anonymous whispered: I want to get my hair cut like perrie, do you have some some pictures I could show my hairdresser? Thank you :)

sorry its taken so long to answer

so I found these but I wasn’t really sure if you wanted like her hairstyle from a last year or this year or whatever so I just went with this year. (if this isn’t what you after send me another message explaining which hair and I can find you pics for it :) )

:) x

Anonymous whispered: I think the reason that guy said he gets bullied for liking the girls is because hes a guy that CAN admit it lol i think they have a lot of guy fans because lets be real beside the music they're fucking gorgeous! a lot of guys wont admit to it though and he does so they're jealous thats how i see it haha

^  true ^

:) xo