Anonymous whispered: Hey fellow Mixer! I was wondering if you could please help me out by doing a quick promo? I follow a blog dedicated to helping LM crack the US, called request-littlemix. They make occasional posts helping followers request 'Move' on US radio stations, which increases LM's popularity, but they don't have many followers. More followers = more requests = bigger results! It would be wonderful if your followers could follow them and help out, because LM deserve world fame! Thanks, much love <3 xx

^ ^ ^ GO FOLLOW ^ ^ ^

Anonymous whispered: So when are we doing this video for the Salute tour?

I’m gonna post another thing with more info when I get on my laptop in about an hour :) xx

Anonymous whispered: I want to get my hair cut like perrie, do you have some some pictures I could show my hairdresser? Thank you :)

sorry its taken so long to answer

so I found these but I wasn’t really sure if you wanted like her hairstyle from a last year or this year or whatever so I just went with this year. (if this isn’t what you after send me another message explaining which hair and I can find you pics for it :) )

:) x

Anonymous whispered: I think the reason that guy said he gets bullied for liking the girls is because hes a guy that CAN admit it lol i think they have a lot of guy fans because lets be real beside the music they're fucking gorgeous! a lot of guys wont admit to it though and he does so they're jealous thats how i see it haha

^  true ^

:) xo

Anonymous whispered: Are LM coming to Indianapolis on the neon lights tour. When will they come back.

I don’t think they are coming to Indianapolis you can check here again in case I missed it.

As for when they are coming back I’m not sure sorry 


Anonymous whispered: To the guy who gets bullied for loving Little Mix, you honestly sound awesome! I would love to have a friend like you! None of my friends like Little Mix and bully me, too. But I stand up to people because I'm defending the girls. And that's the important part! Love you!!

OMG yes I really wanted to say something similar to this to him because like its so accurate. 

My friends kind of like their music but they aren’t in love with them like I am and this message is just 100% accurate!!!

Love you too :) xoxox