Anonymous whispered: Hey can you tell me the officials Twitter of the girls? Please I've been looking for it and I cant find it

they only have the one twitter an it’s @LittleMix

Tangled Little Mix

pls take my survey?


it’s all about little mix and is anonymous i’m really just curious to see the results and i may try to use the results for a edit or something 

so yeah if you could please take the survey here by may 20th and reblog to lets others know that would be great. thank you! 

Salute Music Video

Wings to 100 Million!

Lets get Little Mix vevo certified

Here’s some tips:

  1. You must watch the video for atleast 30 seconds for it to count as a view
  2. The view counts when you watch the video on youtube or you watch an embedded video that requires you to hit play (an autoplay embedded video will not count!!)
  3. No matter how many times you use the replay button, it will count as one view. You have to reload the entire page
  4. Log out of your account otherwise it counts as one view even when reloading the page
  5. You can mute the video and keep reloading throughout the day, every view counts!

So go watch the video now and help Little Mix out! Watch other music videos too:

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